The Two Main Reasons To Use An Energy Efficient Pool Pump

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If you use your pool a lot and you want to keep it for years to come, you might want to consider getting an energy efficient pool pump.

There are two main reasons why you might want to consider purchasing an energy efficient pool pump. First, it will improve the hydraulic flow of your pool to a more efficient level. Second, an energy efficient pump will reduce energy consumption and help you save more money on your energy bills!

Energy efficient pool pumps come in different sizes, with speeds and configuration, and are designed to relieve your energy efficiency woes for both of the primary reasons mentioned above. Here are some of the common types of energy efficient pool pumps you can find on the market today.

Energy efficient pumps either come with a single speed or variable speeds. The right one for your pool will depend upon your pool's size. If you have a small pool, a single speed pump should be enough, because it will lower your pool's energy costs and help improve the hydraulic flow. However, a variable speed pump will reduce your energy costs more. Furthermore, the variable speed models come with incentive rebates currently offered by the state of Nevada.

In addition to speed, automation can determine whether or not it's the right one for you. Normally, automated energy efficient pool pumps are best for those looking to reduce energy consumption. In contrast, non-automated energy efficient pool pumps are best for those who want to improve the hydraulics.  A pool pump adds "head" (i.e. the top level of water).  In other words, it puts pressure on your plumbing system to maintain a certain level.   For a swimming pool, the total pressure loss is equal to the pump's pressure gain since the water is returned to the same place.  Energy efficient variable speed pumps cut your monthly energy bills 30-80%.  On top of these monthly savings, Nevada is offering a $250.00 rebate to install one.

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