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Going green is NOT something you want for your pool

You own a beautiful home in Henderson, and the scorching +110 degree summers can be just insane. One day, you walk outside to enjoy a refreshing swim when you notice that it’s turned green! It’s algae growth and if not corrected immediately and properly, it can become your pool’s worst nightmare.

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Swimming Pool Algae Removal

There are 3 main types of pool algae that are common to pools in Henderson:

  1. Green Algae
  2. Mustard Algae (or Yellow Algae)
  3. Black Algae

Green Algae Removal

If your pool water has a green tint to it or there is some green growth on the walls, you have one of the most common forms of algae. Green Algae can usually be treated with a strong dose of chlorine (shock) and some algaecide. It is important to kill it all and clean any algae remnants out of your filters as well. Otherwise, it can quickly return and turn your pool green again.

Mustard Algae Removal

If you have yellow algae (also called mustard algae), this is tougher and requires thoroughly removing the algae from the pool walls using an algae brush. It can be difficult to completely eliminate because this particular variety is resistant to normal chlorine levels and must be dealt with intensely.

Most likely you’ll need to shock your pool and add algaecide as well. We highly recommend going with a professional pool service to remove algae of this kind.

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Black Algae Removal

Black algae is probably the most aggravating strain of algae. It can be easily identified by its dark black color, but some occurrences may show up as blue or green spots. Unfortunately, you may not be able to remove it all using standard pool chemicals.

Its roots extend into the plaster or tile grout, and you must thoroughly brush with an algae brush to break open the heads so they can be killed with an algaecide. Even if you have proper filtration and chemical balance, black strains can still bloom. Because of how difficult it is to get rid of, its best to mitigate this from happening by investing in pool maintenance from a reputable company before it ever happens.

Schedule an Algae Treatment for Your Pool

All algae removal processes will require cleaning the filter once the algae has been killed. If you’ve tried in vain to remove the algae yourself, you might need professional help. It may be wise to also schedule a pool drain or an acid wash if it gets too out of control.

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