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Small stains, mineral deposits, and build up… eliminated completely!


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“Help! My pool is dirty!” At AO Pools, we hear it all the time, and we offer the quality acid wash pool services you need to get it back to pristine condition. When you get us to perform an acid wash on your pool, all small stains, mineral deposits, and build up will be completely eliminated. We strip just a small amount of the plaster away to expose a fresh surface that algae and other contaminants won’t adhere to. The benefit: a whiter, brighter look.

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When Is It Time to Acid Wash Your Pool?

Not everyone needs an acid wash, either. You can count on our company to have the integrity to give you sound advice with regard to your pool’s maintenance needs. We’re proud to serve Henderson and the surrounding areas with honesty and great professionalism.

If you seem to have problems with algae blooms each year (which can happen easily in spring and summer in Henderson), or if you haven’t had your pool drained for 3 years or more, an acid wash is a great service to consider.


We only recommend acid washing in specific circumstances; if an acid wash is performed too often, it can damage the pool, requiring you to get it re-plastered. If you’re experiencing one of these 3 scenarios, you should consider an acid wash pool service:

The Surface of Your In-ground Pool Is Stained

Over time, discoloration or surface stains can develop on your pool, decreasing its curb appeal and overall value to your home. An acid wash can restore its brilliant beauty.

Calcium Is Building Up on the Pool Liner

Here in Henderson, we have extremely hard water. Calcium can build up on your pool tile, liner, and equipment. When it gets to the point that it cannot be easily removed with regular maintenance, it’s time for an acid wash.

Your Pool Has Developed a Ton of Algae

Without proper pool maintenance, algae can quickly get out of control, especially in the summer months. Some types of algae not only turns the water a different color but also stain the plaster or burrow deep into the pores and continue growing there. An acid wash will completely eliminate any last traces of algae.

Schedule an Acid Wash for Your Pool

We recommend draining your pool every 3 to 4 years to keep the water from being oversaturated with chemicals. Once it’s drained, it’s a good time to evaluate if you need an acid wash. Maintaining your pool is a great way to retain its long-term value to your home as well as its “fun factor.”

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