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Henderson Pool Filter Cleaning Services

A fairly simple task but vital to keep your pool looking great

A major part of good pool maintenance is pool filter cleaning. You may have the chemicals adjusted correctly and great circulation, but if the pool filters are clogged or ripped or cracked, your system will not run efficiently. Summers in Henderson and surrounding areas can be especially brutal on pool filters with increased use from kids, parties, etc.

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Top 4 Reasons Why Pool Filter Cleaning Services are Vital

In Henderson, cartridge filters are the most common filters used. They use cartridges as the medium for filtration. Diatomaceous Earth (D.E) filters are the second most common. Diatomaceous earth is a porous fine powder used to trap particles dirt, debris, and contaminants. These two types of filters can break down due to the following reasons.

1. Clogged Pool Filter

Oils and minerals that result from lotions and sunscreen can clog pool filters. Dog hair & human hair clog pool filters too. The accumulated waste block filter pores that allow clean water to pass through.

Consequently, the flow of water back to the pool decreases significantly, and the filter pressure rises excessively high. Too much pressure on the sieve could result in cracking or tearing of the filter grids causing inefficiency and failure.

2. Ripped Pool Filter

Rips or tears in the grids of the filter fabric can cause unwanted effects. The tears allow D.E powder and small particles of dirt to bypass the filter. The dirt and D.E powder are washed back and deposited at the bottom of the swimming pool. The rips can also allow passage of pathogens that contaminate the pool water.

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3. Cracked Filter System

Cracks in the filter system can cause significant problems in the filtration system. For example, a cracked pump basket can allow clogging of debris in the pump impeller leading to the pump motor burning up. The water flow can also be restricted leading to poor circulation of the pool water.

Furthermore, a crack in the filter tank can leak water out of the crack and allow large amounts of air into the reservoir. Consequently, the large amounts of air dissolve in the water forming bubbles. The bubbles reduce the water level coming out of the pump and cause cloudy water that brings about algae.

4. Poor maintenance

Poor maintenance can cause a severe break down to the filter. Overlooked rips on the filter grids and cracks on the filter tank can lead to ineffective filtration. The fabric of the grids can deteriorate to the extent that it allows dirt and waste to pass through. Above-normal filter pressure and tilted pump can lead to tank rupture and unnecessary pressure on the sieve.

Also, the lack of regular backwashing, using pool clarifiers and changing pool filters can immensely reduce the filtering ability. Poor maintenance eventually leads to failure of the pool filter.

Pool owners should ensure proper maintenance of their home pool filters to guarantee proper function of the equipment. Clogs, rips and cracks should be inspected and fixed in time.

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The majority of swimming pools in the Henderson area use cartridge filters. A second type is a D.E. (diatomaceous earth) filter, which uses diatomaceous earth (a fine powder coating) to filter particles.

Filters that aren’t maintained properly can cause bad circulation, which will often lead to algae, or even cause your pool vac not to run. Pool filter cleaning is a fairly simple task but vital to keep your pool looking great.

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