5 Steps to Opening Your Pool for Spring

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There is definitely something special about opening up your pool in the spring and taking a dive before summer officially arrives.

Some homeowners may be overwhelmed or confused as to what needs to be done before a pool is ready for the season. Fortunately, there are steps that can enable you to have your pool ready for a successful spring opening.

Covered Pool

Now is the ideal time open up your pool. One of the benefits of living in Henderson is that pool season begins much earlier than cold cities, such as Minneapolis or Boston. With average highs usually in the high 60's, homeowners can take advantage of the nice March weather. Furthermore, the area has been receiving warmer weather than usual for this time of year.

Opening Your Pool - Preparation

Before opening your pool for the year, remember that there is plenty of preparation that needs to occur.

Remove pool cover

Over the course of winter, debris may have accumulated on the pool cover. In order to prevent your pool itself from collecting the debris, be sure to get rid of it before removing the pool cover. A vacuum can eliminate dry debris, and a wet vac can be ideal to remove standing water in a timely manner. Furthermore, make sure that pets, children, teenagers, and adults do not step on the cover.

Correct water level

To some, it may be obvious, but remember to ensure the water level of your pool is correct. There are plenty of reasons to do so, but the most important are that the pool chemical levels will be completely off if a pool does not have the right amount of water. A hose can be of great value in raising water levels to the appropriate height.  The water level should come near the middle of skimmer openings that are in the pool. After the water is at an appropriate level, be sure to wait at least 12 hours before checking the chemical balance and treating your pool to allow the new water to circulate with the old water. When the old and new water mix, you will have a more accurate reading when it is time to test the water.

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Sort through toys and accessories

As you wait to chemically treat your pool, take inventory of your pool cleaning supplies. Note the supplies you need to restock. In addition to taking inventory, the downtime is perfect to ensure that pool ladders, slides, pool toys and other items are ready to go. Some people like to visit their local discount store in order to find new pool toys or to replace old ones that would not survive another thrilling summer of pool fun.

Clean surrounding areas

Cleaning the area around your pool is also an essential part of pool maintenance and pool safety. Your pool deck may need to be cleaned as well as patio furniture and a chemical container. This time is also perfect for trimming trees, shrubs and other vegetation surrounding your pool.

Check pool's chemistry

When it is time to chemically treat your pool, as a homeowner you have the choice of doing it themselves or contacting a professional pool services company. If doing it by oneself, be sure to have a pool testing kit that can accurately review the levels of chemicals, such as total alkalinity, cyanuric acid, hardness and chlorine. These and other similar chemicals are very important. It is vital that pH levels are correct before people enter your pool. Make sure the pool itself is clean before guests dive in. Brushes and pool vacuums can make the work of cleaning the pool pass quite quickly.

The reality is that there are a number of things to consider and do when it comes to opening up a pool for the spring. Fortunately, at Alpha and Omega Pool Services we can take care of these and other similar details that may affect a proper spring pool opening. We’ll ensure your pool is in tiptop shape and ready for your family to have fun from spring to summer. Call us today!

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