Do I Need a Variable Speed Pool Pump?

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With new federal efficiency standards looming, it looks like pool owners in the United States will soon be mandated to run their pools with variable speed pumps. Knowing about what a variable speed pool pumps are and their advantages over single- or even dual-speed pumps will make you want to take advantage of them sooner rather than later.

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What Is a Variable Speed Pool Pump?

Variable speed pumps have motors that can make their impellers operate at controlled rates. A traditional single speed pump can only make its impeller move at one speed, which can be inefficient and limits the functionality of the pump. Multi-speed pumps are more dynamic than single-speed options, but they too can only operate at a minimal number of set speeds. 

The ability to control the rate with which an impeller pushes water through a pump may seem insignificant, but it makes variable speed pumps 30%-90% more energy efficient than their counterparts. A variable speed pump can accurately match the speed of its impeller to the task at hand, whether it’s powering a fountain or a hot tub.

Do I Need a Variable Speed Pool Pump?

In 2019, whether you need a variable speed pool pump is determined by your states’ laws. In California, all pool pumps must be of the variable speed variety, while Alabama laws do not require pool owners to use variable speed pumps. Some states require the use of variable speed pumps, some do not, and some incentivize the use of variable speed pumps without a mandate. For example, Nevada pool owners who switch to a variable speed pool pump are eligible for a substantial rebate. 

Variable Speed Pool Pump Law

Current federal law still allows pool owners to use single-speed pool pumps, but not for long. Starting in 2021, a Department of Energy regulation will take effect that will compel pool owners to use variable speed pumps. If you have a pool that is running on a non-variable speed pump, it might be a good idea to make the switch now, as rebates for switching are likely to disappear come 2021. 

Do Variable Speed Pool Pumps Save Money?

Variable speed pool pumps save a considerable amount of money and tend to pay for themselves quickly. Pool pumps almost always consume more energy than anything else powered by your home. Given that variable speed pool pumps are 30%-90% more energy-efficient than their predecessors, the energy savings that come from switching quickly add up. 

Given the superior efficiency of variable speed pool pumps and looming federal regulation, switching to one is a no-brainer. If you have an old school pool pump, you should contact a pool service professional to assist you in making the switch.

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