The Top 6 Advantages of Using Pool Safety Nets

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pool safety net in use on an inground pool

Pool safety nets cover your pool with a safe and affordable barrier that keep pets and children from falling into the pool when no one is around to see. A pool safety net is a net made of durable material that sits over the pool, setup on hooks attached to anchors around the pool. The net tension is taut so that anyone that accidentally falls onto it does not sink into the water. There are other ways to keep kids and pets safe around your pool, but a pool safety net has 6 key advantages.

1. Pool safety nets are very easy to install and maintain.

Pool safety nets are relatively simple for swimming pool maintenance professionals to install, and they're easy for the pool owner to maintain. These nets are usually installed by sinking a brass anchor into the cement about every two feet around the perimeter of the pool. The pool design may call for a different method or spacing of the anchors, but most pools have their nets installed this way. Since the net is made of durable and strong material, it requires very little maintenance. Just keep it as clean as you can when you put it away and do your best to avoid tangling it. Tangles won't really hurt the net, but it will make putting the net back on the pool faster and easier when you're ready.

2. They can be installed on any swimming pool.

Because pool safety nets function by attaching to anchors set around the perimeter of the pool, they can be installed on any pool of any size or shape. The only thing the size or shape of the pool may affect is what kind of central tension system the net uses to maintain its taut tension while in use, or the net may not need a central tension system at all.

3. Safety nets are built to be safe.

Pool safety nets are strong enough to hold the weight of a child and two adults before breaking. So, unless a whole herd of kids decides to run into the pool at once, the net will hold strong under your kids and pets.

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4. Affordability isn't an issue.

Pool safety nets usually cost less than pool covers and fences that are also designed for safety. That's because they are made from less material and are generally easier to install.

5. They're unobtrusive as far as safety features go.

The nets are low profile, and they won't block your view of your backyard since they don't rise above ground level. You get all the peace of mind of pool safety while still enjoying the fruits of all your landscaping and yard design around the pool.

6. Can reduce pool-related fatalities.

A pool safety net protects your children from drowning by keeping them from sinking into the water if they should happen to fall into the pool. Pools provide relaxation, recreation, and invigorating exercise, but they also pose a threat to kids who may not be strong swimmers yet.

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While these nets do prevent accidental drowning, there's no substitute for adult supervision when it comes to kids and pools. The pool safety net is your child's last line of defense against drowning; you are their first line of defense.

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