Pool Skimmer: What is the value to your pool?

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In searching for the best pool cleaner, most people want to find a tool to save them time and effort in cleaning a pool. To help clarify, I’ll first define the term and what it means. A pool skimmer is simply a gadget or instrument that pulls in the water from the surface of the pool into a small collector basket before it reaches the pump. It’s designed to catch leaves,debris,etc from the pool surface so less time is spent netting them by hand. The most common pool skimmer is a static skimmer that is designed in every pool. For this to be effective the water level must be maintained at the correct level. An auto-fill will help do this, and most newer pool have one. Another type of skimmer is a floating pool skimmer, which is considered to be one of the more effective pool cleaning tools.

When people use the term pool skimmer they will actually be looking for a leaf skimmer net, which attaches to the end of a pole and can be used to guide leaves across the pool and remove them before they sink to the bottom. If that’s the case, unless you have only a handful of leaves to remove on any given week, I’d recommend purchasing a pool leaf net, like the Piranha. Then you can actually collect leaves off the pool surface as well as scoop them off the bottom.

There are a few things that can help your pool circulate effectively when it’s operating. Check to make sure you have a skimmer weir installed in the skimmer opening. This will make the water suction efficient. Also make sure the filters are clean. When they are dirty or in bad condition, they reduce the rate and effectiveness of water flow in the pool, both on the suction and return sides. Check out the filter cleaning section on this site for more information. Finally, make sure the return jets are faced so they direct the water slightly upward and aimed in the same direction so water moves somewhat in a circular pattern around the pool.
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