Pool Maintenance 101: A Guide Through the Seasons [Infographic]

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Pool Maintenance 101: Guide Through the Season Infographic

Pool Maintenance 101: Guide Through the Seasons

We've created this awesome infographic to illustrate the most important pool maintenance tasks throughout the year. Below is our text summary of each step!

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What do I need to do in the spring? Get ready for pool season!

  • When water thaws, open a corner of the pool cover....
  • Add liquid chlorine
  • Remove winter cover: First get rid of ALL accumulated water and debris on the cover
  • Make sure not to damage pool cover on trees or shrubs when taking it off

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What do I need to do in the summer? Go swimming!

  • Skim and brush twice per week
  • Chemical treatment twice per week
  • Shock once a week
  • Vacuum once a week and when it's dirty
  • Check all diving boards, handrails and ladders

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Note: pump needs to run 10-12 hours a day!


What do I need to do in the fall? Cover pool properly!

  • Be sure to use a leaf net until the closing of the pool.
  • On the last day of operation, add algaecide or algastat (which stays in the water for up to 90 days) to the water and let the pump run for 24 hours to fully circulate.
  • Drain water out of all pipes, pump, heater, and filter
  • Drain water 4-6 inches below the pool skimmer


What do I need to do in the winter? Wait for summer!

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  • Regularly remove all sources of debris on cover such as leaves. Try to hose it off.
  • Check if algae has grown (usually not in water less than 60 degrees)
  • Regularly check your pool and equipment for damage
  • Add off-season enzyme that can help prevent the waterline ring that occurs in winter
  • Use an air pillow underneath window cover and check regularly if it still has air (if not, replace it)
  • Check water level, refill with a hose. Keep water levels high enough to prevent damage to the cover, liner, and walls.

Note: In warmer climates, pool cover not necessary.

  • Vaccuum when needed
  • Let pump run at least 2 hours every day
  • Test and adjust water once a month
    • If temperatures over 55 degrees, once a week


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