My Vac Stopped Running - How Do I Get It Moving?

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Chlorine alone can't handle of the algae and debris that accumulates in your pool, and you can't count on your filter for it, either. All of these components as well as your routine pool maintenance tasks is what keeps the water safe and hygienic enough to swim in and the filtration system running in peak performance.

Why Vacuuming Is Important

Using a pool vacuum can more adequately keep algae from growing on your pool walls, and it is an almost essential step before shocking your pool after a particularly rowdy pool party or long period of time without proper maintenance.

Automatic Pool Vacuums

The good thing about manual pool vacuums is that you control what it does and when, but the bad thing is a lot of extra work and hassle. With automatic pool vacuums, so long as the machine is running, it cleans your pool from top to bottom without you having to lift a finger.

But what happens when it stops running?

If you notice your water getting cloudy despite having all the proper chemicals and keeping up on the skimming and filter replacements, your vacuum may not be working correctly.

Troubleshooting Why Your Vacuum Quit Running

There are a few reasons why your vacuum might have quit running.

1. The filters are in need of cleaning.
2. If the valves are turned the wrong way, so check those and adjust accordingly.
3. If something is just stuck in the bottom and stopping the flow of water through the vac (could be clump of leaves, a small rock, small toys, etc).
4. The impeller could be clogged so the water isn’t really being pulled through into the filter with the proper suction.

Finally, the vac may need to be repaired by a mechanic familiar with these devices.

Ongoing Pool Maintenance

Rather than relying on a robotic device to clean your pool for you, choose a reputable pool maintenance company. At AO Pools, we take care of all the work. Contact us today to find out more.

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