Henderson Pool Algae Cleanup

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Got a Swamp Growing in Your Pool?

We, in the Las Vegas and Henderson areas, love our pools. And unfortunately, so does algae. Nothing is worse than heading out to cool off in your pool after a long hot day only to discover a coating of slimy algae beat you to it - and it's thriving.

Algae come in three basic types, and while it's not harmful to humans, no one wants to swim in a swamp of slime.

Green - The most common type of algae turns your sparkling blue oasis into a puce green swamp. Green algae arrive in your pool via the wind, rain, contaminated equipment, and even swimsuits. It multiplies rapidly on sunny days and will coat the surface and walls if not treated quickly and thoroughly.

Mustard - As the name implies, this invader is a yellowish orange color and can be resistant to regular algaecides. Mustard algae can be brushed off, but it is persistent, sometimes reappearing in a matter of hours. You can spend your entire season fighting it if it's not completely eliminated the first time around.

Black - Congratulations, you've got the cockroach of algae. Black algae are the most sinister of pool algae and the hardest to kill. It requires not only a thorough shocking of the pool, but intensive scrubbing with special brushes. Why? Because black algae have microscopic roots that take hold in the plaster, tile, and grout. These spores have tops that are resistant to chemicals and must be broken open in order for the chemical to be effective.

The good news is all of these algae can be destroyed by the determined homeowner. The bad news is, it's a complicated process - testing water pH, schlepping chemicals, measuring precise amounts (if you get them wrong, the algae comes back with a vengeance), scrubbing with special brushes, and maintaining or repairing pumps and filters. Get any one of these steps wrong, and the algae is back and raring to go. And even if you do get them all right, sometimes you have to repeat them in order to completely kill it all. Worst case scenario, you have to drain your pool, spray it down with an acid wash, and refill it.

Or, you can just call us at Alpha and Omega Pool Services. We have the tools, products, energy and expertise to eradicate your algae issues. Don't spend your precious leisure hours fighting a plant that is constantly growing, and don't waste your money on the wrong chemicals or equipment.

If you're someone who likes the smell of chlorine, loves a good pH test, and can't wait to backwash a filter, you should come work for us! If not, call us for a no obligation, free estimate - and our professional and courteous team will fight your slime for you.

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