Why Is My Spa Draining?

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Everyone loves a good soak in the hot tub, and that's why a spa is such a great amenity to have. With every hot tub, there's a number of mechanical issues that can go wrong, turning your area of relaxation into one that just gives you a headache. Even with proper maintenance, you may find yourself facing a common issue of your spa draining when it's not supposed to. After all, it's not like you can watch it all day and ensure that it stays filled!

Troubleshooting Your Draining Spa

There are actually a couple reasons why your spa could be draining, so you'll need to do a bit of troubleshooting in order to isolate the problem. The good news is that these problems are fairly simple to look into. This will make either purchasing the part yourself or hiring the right pool maintenance company to perform the repair for you much easier.

There are typically two scenarios that happen with spas that drain.

Draining at Night When the Motor Isn't Running

Try replacing the check valve. This part is supposed to stop the backflow of water into the pipes, and it often receives a lot of wear on spas that are raised higher than the pool. You can often find the check valve above ground near the pool pump. Since the spa's water levels are higher than the pool, drain the spa so that it's equal to the water level of the pool before attempting the repair, and be sure to disconnect the electricity to the pump and filter.

Draining While the Motor IS Running

The suction valves need to be adjusted properly. Turn the spa suction valve to the "off" position and make sure you have the spa return valve at least partially open. This will help the flow between the pool and spa.

You may also want to see if the actuator has gone bad if the suction valves are fine.

Spa Maintenance

Jacuzzis require maintenance just as much as pools do, so it would be a good decision to turn to a qualified professional at AO Pools to keep it running smoothly. Not only will a pool maintenance company be able to troubleshoot your issues, but they will have a better handle on preventing them in the first place. Contact us today.

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