Who Should I Use for Pool Service?

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If you are looking for a pool company to take care of all you swimming pool needs so you won't need to worry about the hassle, there are several factors to consider.  As with most decisions involving spending your hard-earned money, price is only one factor.  Here are a few points to consider:


Listen to what other people who know the company/owner well say about them.  You can always find a few good things, and of course we all know it's easy to find a few people who like to complain about almost anything as well.  But the overall reputation is a good indicator of who you may or may not want to hire

Did you find out about this company through word of mouth? This is generally a good indicator since someone you know and trust have personally benefited from their service enough to recommend them to you. Consider the company pre-vetted!

Online Reputation

If you are searching for a pool company, find out what other people who know the company/owner have to say about them. Online review sites can provide pretty decent insight into how well they treat their customers and the quality of their services. You can always find some good things, and, of course, we all know it's easy to find people who like to complain about almost anything as well. But the overall reputation is a good indicator of who you may or may not want to hire.

If the company responds to bad reviews to try and appease the reviewer publicly, it even shows a commitment to customer service for even those tough negative customers.


In Nevada, there are licensing and certification requirements in order to maintain public pools. If you hire a company, the simplest thing to do is ask to see their license. If they don't have one or it's not current, avoid that provider even if you need residential service. Licensed companies will be more well-equipped and trained to handle the things that come up with your pool. Many pool maintenance companies have to play the part of chemist, plumber, cleaner, and more, especially if damage occurs.

Personal Integrity

While we all want to believe that honesty is every company's best policy, each service you look into is still essentially a stranger. Most companies bank on the fact that they can get away with lower quality on their uninformed clients. Thankfully, there are a couple of things you can look into to gauge a company's integrity before the hire.

For example, Pool chemicals should not be added on as an extra fee to your bill. Most reputable companies will bundle this in with their service.

Ask also what provider they use for replacement parts; you'll want to ensure that no repairs are performed with used parts without your knowledge.

Service While You're Out

You're not always going to be home when they come around to service your pool. Establish what schedule they follow for their recurring customers and get information about how they want to address routine maintenance during times where you won't be home. Many companies can get just a key to your backyard, and they will often leave a receipt of some kind that indicates they performed the work.

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